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  • T-Hotbox



    The T-Hotbox PDR is a revolutionary small dent repair tool.  It has several new functions.  Notched heat pen as to improve accuracy and positioning, controllable time setting, and it is a handheld unit as to facilitate its simple use.

  •  Plastic Fusion

     Plastic Fusion

    Plastic Fusion

    The Plastic Fusion is a complete plastic repair station.  It has all repair methods integrated into 1.  From the tacker to the welding to the grinder and even to the chemical repair method.  It is therefore and ideal system for any modern body shop.

  • Flatliner

    Future body panel repair system


    The Flatliner System is probably the most innovative and cost effective car body repair method on the market for both steel and aluminium panels. It is suitable to repair small dings up to major damages on car body panels from the outside which avoids much of the strip and refit process.

  • Induction Heater

    Modern induction heater system

    Induction Heater

    How it works

    The HotBox is a handy and compact induction heater which enables you to heat any parts in a very short time and very precisely.

  • Glue Puller

    The modern glueing repair system 

    Glue Puller

    How it works

    Glue an appropriate knob to the damaged area using our hot melt glue and gun included in the kit. Attach the Glue Puller. Gently squeeze the handles and watch the dent come out.

  • Digispot

    A proven and multi-functional spot welder


    The Digispot welder is the only spot welder on the market allowing a manual as well as an automatic welding. Its adjustable display makes it easy to use the unit. At the push of a button you select between electrode welding, ground welding, carbon stick application as well as pulse shrinking.


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January 8th 2016

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